Copper Final Slags

Classification and Labelling Proposals for Slag, copper smelting (high quality slag products)

On behalf of the SIEF Facilitator for “Slag, copper smelting (high quality slag products)”, the European Copper Institute is authorised to communicate this information to all participants in the SIEFs for the EINECS number below.

ECI Ref Substance SIEF Facilitator
C1 Slag, copper smelting
(high quality slag products)
EC 266-968-3
NV Metallo-Chimique

Slag, copper smelting (high quality slag products) is defined as:

Substance produced, from heterogeneous mixtures of copper contained material formed during copper production, by reduction at high temperature in molten state (i.e. melting and processing in a furnace) or by flotation processes.  Main constituents are iron silicate and calcium-aluminium silicates, with the amount of non-ferrous metals reduced to the lowest extent economically and technologically viable.

The Joint Registration dossier was successfully submitted to ECHA on 28th October 2010. Members of the ECI-managed Consortium, along with customers who purchased Letters of Access, were provided with the necessary documents, plus the required REACH IT security token.

ECI’s REACH Classification, Labelling and Packaging proposals for Slag, copper smelting (high quality slag products) : 

  • No classification and no labelling for Human Health or the Environment

Downstream users can click here to see the list of “Identified uses” contained within the Chemical Safety Report for Slag, copper smelting (high quality slag products).  This also shows the process codes described in the REACH Regulation and ECHA Guidance Documents.

ECI will continue to offer Letters of Access to registrants.  The ECHA registration deadline is June 1st 2013 for tonnages between 100 and 1,000 T and June 1st 2018 for tonnages between 1 and 100 T.  Click here to download the terms & conditions & application form (click here for Word version of the annex), and here for the fees.

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