Classification and Labelling Proposals for Anode Copper

On behalf of the SIEF Facilitator for “Anode Copper”, the European Copper Institute is authorised to communicate this information to all participants in the SIEF for the EINECS numbers below:

ECI Ref  Substance SIEF Facilitator
B1 Anode Copper
(EC 918-168-7)
Boliden Mineral AB

Anode Copper is defined as:

Substance resulting from metallurgic processing of primary sources (copper matte obtained from copper ore/concentrate) and/or secondary sources (copper scrap and/or black copper) and including recycled intermediates (i.e. spent anodes and removal cathodes).  Composed primarily of copper metal and copper oxides (> 80%) and containing other residual metals and their compounds.

The Joint Registration dossier was successfully submitted to ECHA on 30th September 2010.  Members of the ECI-managed Consortium, along with any purchasers of the appropriate Letter of Access, were provided with the necessary documents, plus the required REACH IT security token.

In April 2014, the joint dossier was extended to satisfy REACH Art 10 conditions, including the provision of a joint Chemical Safety Report (CSR).

The substance is used solely as Intermediate.

Depending on their own manufacturing and use profiles, individual members of this joint registration may have decided to register the substance in accordance with Strictly Controlled Conditions (SCC) requirements (REACH Art. 17/18), or as a full registration (REACH Art 10). Letter of Access purchasers are requested to contact ECI should they wish to upgrade their own registration from Art 17/18 to Art 10 and to secure the rights to use the joint CSR.

ECI’s REACH Classification, Labelling and Packaging proposals for Anode Copper have been assessed in the REACH dossier in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 and the CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. The rationales for these proposals are contained in the Joint Submission dossier submitted to ECHA by the Lead Registrant.

Information on the composition and classification of different grades of Anode Copper can be downloaded here.

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