Reach Copper Consortium




How the Consortium applied the principles of REACH to the copper value chain

The REACH regulation requires value chains to distinguish between different categories of materials. Click here to see how the ECI Consortium separated those for the copper industry into natural raw materials, substances, preparations and articles.

What products were covered by ECI’s Consortium?

Primary and secondary copper metal; slags from copper production, sold as a final product; plus a well-defined series of by-products (intermediates) coming out of the smelting/refining and semi-fabrication processes. (See below list).
Click here to view the Consortium’s position on recovered materials.

The Consortium works closely with the Copper Compound Consortium that is covering a series of copper compounds.

While the provision of safety data sheets, down the value chain, is the responsibility of individual producers, ECI’s Consortium provides important, generic guidance on copper exposure scenarios to the downstream user community.

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